American College of Clinical Pharmacy
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Membership Benefits

Whether you are pursuing a career as a practitioner, researcher, administrator, or educator, ACCP membership will enhance your professional knowledge and skills with cutting-edge educational offerings, timely publications, and superior programming available through our national meetings and distance learning programs.

Practice and Research Networks (PRNs): Connections for Your Future

More than just a special-interest group, an ACCP PRN is an active group of members who can interact continuously via electronic listserve messages and exchange timely information to improve practice and patient care. There are 25 PRNs representing nearly every major therapeutic area and professional interest. We’re certain you will find one or more to match your needs. Click here for a complete description of each PRN, or to join a PRN today.

ACCP National Meetings

Network with colleagues while updating your knowledge and clinical skills by attending the ACCP Annual Meeting or Spring Forum. ACCP’s meetings provide a broad array of high-quality educational programming on emerging issues in clinical pharmacy practice, education, and research. Click here for more information on upcoming ACCP meetings.

Board Certification Preparatory and Recertification Offerings

Prepare for BPS specialty certification board examinations using ACCP prepartory review resources, or maintain your BPS specialty certification by using ACCP's specialty recertification resources, available to members at discounted prices. For more information please click the links below.

Pharmacotherapy: The Journal of Human Pharmacology and Drug Therapy

An essential professional reference for the clinical pharmacist. All ACCP Memberships include an electronic subscription to Pharmacotherapy. Each monthly issue contains exceptional and innovative articles with a focus on human pharmacology and drug therapy. For more information, visit

Journal of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (JACCP)

ACCP's newest journal launced in October 2018. All ACCP Memberships include an electronic subscription to JACCP. Each monthly issue contains exceptional and innovative articles with a focus on practice-based implementation science, innovations in practice, medication optimization and patient outcomes, economic outcomes, clinical pharmacy education and training, international clinical pharmacy practice, health care policy influencing clinical pharmacists, and care delivery models. For more information, visit

ACCP Academy

ACCP Academy programming offers a flexible, curricular approach to enhancing ACCP members’ abilities in their major areas of responsibility. The Academy provides unique professional development programs leading to certificates of completion in the following key areas: Leadership and Management, Research and Scholarship, and Teaching and Learning. For more information on the ACCP Academy please click here.

ACCP Advocates Program

The ACCP Advocates Program is an ongoing initiative to enhance the effectiveness and frequency of our interactions and relationships with officials in Congress and the executive branch of the federal government, including regulatory agencies.

This program will identify, develop, and support the skills and abilities of ACCP members who serve ACCP as active “grassroots” advocates for the legislative, regulatory, and policy priorities of ACCP. These members will work directly with and be supported by ACCP government and professional affairs staff based in Washington, DC.

Legislative Action Center

ACCP Members are encouraged to visit our Legislative Action Center at This Web-based interactive tool allows you to review our complete Advocacy Agenda and receive notification about important legislation affecting clinical pharmacy. This Web site also provides information about your elected officials and allows you to contact them by e-mail.

ACCP Foundation

The ACCP Foundation advances pharmacotherapy by supporting and promoting the professional development of research and scholarly activities in clinical pharmacy. The ACCP Foundation has expanded its investigator development initiatives by offering the Focused Investigator Training (FIT) Program, to help experienced researchers secure extramural funding, and the Mentored Research Investigator Program (MeRIT), to assist pharmacists with developing the abilities necessary to conduct investigator-initiated research, either independently as a principal investigator or as an active co-investigator within a research team. For more information on opportunities available through the ACCP Foundation please visit



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